Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's MAGIC!!!

I use Google images a LOT! If I'm making something in mini and I want pictures and measurements of the real thing, I Google and almost always find what I'm looking for.

In The Camp Yahoo group, someone had mentioned awhile back about Googling for an image that you already had but I didn't pay too much attention at the time.

I wanted to know more about some of the dolls that are in the Estate Sale so I checked this out further and it's an incredible tool.

The basic information can be found here. Using the second method of four available for searching, I went to, clicked on the camera icon in the search box, uploaded the picture from my computer and hit Search. The first results were not at all helpful but I was prompted to refine the search with a couple key words so I typed in Polish dolls and found exactly what I was looking for! I clicked on the image that matched my picture, another click on website and there was a doll matching one of those in my picture.

As I said, It's MAGIC!!

There are other ways of using it but I can see this one being of real value to help you find a specific item - or just information on it as for pricing, who made it, age, etc.


  1. Hi Maureen! I can see how this would come in handy in a number of different applications!
    Thanks for this information!