Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chicago - part 3

First thing Saturday morning we all headed to Pete and Pam Boornum's table to get some of the tools that I had bought the previous afternoon on Tina's advice.

Then Tina, Erika, Lucille and I went to Gloria Bogulas's table. Tina and I had met Gloria previously at the Phoenix Show and Sale last year and through our friend, Dottie, Gloria had told us that she would have a small gift for us if we all showed up at her table together. WOW! Did she ever! She gifted each of us with a beautiful sterling silver SW plate.

Strangely enough, the items I bought from Gloria weren't SW. I was thrilled to get the miniature of the Remington bronze (upper right) and The Pieta (lower left). The nutcracker (lower middle) is great  (haven't decided if it will replace the nutcracker in The Penthouse or go in Vern's Attic).

I've seen a lot of miniature hammers over the years and this is so 'right' that I had to have it!

Went back to Volker Arnold's table where he was demonstrating his wares to Liz Dieleman of Grandpa's Dollhouse. Had been looking for Liz as I wanted to give her a copy of my Kitchen/Pantry Trash to Treasure Book. Passed that on and she bought a lot of Arnold's items for the store and I bought a couple pieces for myself.

The big pieces are wonderful Christmas lanterns that I expect to electrify and use in the Christmas shop. Lower right are the most incredible little Christmas trees that I bought just because they're so darned (ah, you thought I would say cute - which they are ) perfect...

Oh, my, I finally got to meet Phyllis Tucker! AND see her incredible chandeliers! AND spend my Christmas money from Sean and Julie on the Phyllis Tucker chandelier kit of my dreams!

At Thursday night S&T, Tina showed these incredible cut brass edgings from a woman from Mexico. I went and got three then went back and got four more. They're beautiful and I have some great ideas  to use them.

Deb Laue at Dragonfly  One of my favourite dealers:

I bought several hinge and lock pieces for luggage. Then I found this wonderful pull toy for Vern's attic that my kids had when they were small .

Picked up this kitchen tool set for Barb who condo-sat for me:


On to Wright Guide...Wonderful place to shop/. First shopped there at Dallas about ten years ago. Excellent for theme shopping. Found these for Vern's attic.
 Found these next to Dragonfly (I think): The milk can for the attic, the door knocker (for Barb to match the one on her door) and the red cake plate (just because I like it)

 Absolutely no idea why I bought this book cover kit...but I did.

I knew I wouldn't be back in the morning so I went back to the Sobel's table for one last look....

At 5:30 I went to the IGMA presentation.

When that ended, I went to the Saturday night Camp meeting. Caught up with more Campers then went to dinner with a group of them. Was fortunate to sit with Paula, Missy, Wanna and her daughter, Dana.

What an incredible week!

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  1. Hi Maureen! I am so happy that you had such a successful journey there and back again! I love the things that you purchased and I know that you have plans for them all! Your chandelier kit is wonderful and isn't it nice when something like this which you have been wishing for comes true?