Saturday, April 6, 2013

the Tablet

Leanne and Robert came over this morning and set up my new tablet. Put some great books on it! (Gotta have my books!)

And Leanne booked a flight from Chicago to New York City for me. So all the travel plans are complete!

I had hoped that Robert would be able to set up the wi-fi for me but the 'whatever' he needed to do that properly was at home (3/4 hour away) so he'll do that after I get back from the trip. But he did put my e-mail on it so the set-up is looking good.

But I won't get to practice using it with wi-fi for now.

Had a nice visit with them and got to meet their new bunny and commiserate with poor Columbus for all the bald patches he has where he required stitches from his confrontation with her.


  1. Hello Maureen! Everyday puts you one step closer to your trip! I bet you are getting all revved up for it emotionally too, and I can well imagine you anticipation!!!!
    I also gotta have my books and even if I don't get an opportunity to read them it is comforting to me to know that they are there in the car with me just in case the car comes to a prolonged halt out in the middle of nowhere, I will be able to read something instead of twiddling my thumbs wasting time waiting. Of course, I can't say I have been out in the middle of Nowhere lately but you just Never KNow!


  2. Well, maybe not in the "middle of nowhere" but I've often been in line-ups that seemed liked that - so I whip my book out of my purse and read...or when I'm waiting for the bus..Always good to have the book on hand!
    Actually, when I think about it, Cheryl and I headed to Calgary some years ago and got stuck in a MAJOR snowstorm/traffic jam (one of our FUN/DISASTER stories). It truly was "the middle of nowhere" and I didn't have a book with me at that time. (I'll try to find my notes on that one and post it.)

  3. Nov 29/09
    Found my post to Canada Minis:
    Cheryl and I had an incredible time in Calgary. Got off to a rocky start when
    the road turned bad Friday night. It took us two hours to travel the 45 km
    between Red Deer and Bowden so we spent the night in Bowden. And what do we see
    as we're leaving our motel in the morning but a garage sale sign. We hit the
    monthly garage sale to raise funds for the local museum and we got some great
    things, mini and otherwise, dirt cheap.

  4. That is usually the way things happen, isn't it. What appears to be a calamity or a problem becomes a happy occasion that you were being set up to receive you just didn't know it at the time.