Sunday, April 14, 2013

LOOONG DAY....and long post....

Well, I started out by sorting through my clothes for the trip. The weather will be decidedly cooler in both Chicago and New York than I had expected so had to change a few choices in that regard.

Over the years, I have been SO fortunate to do some travelling that has allowed me to meet many 'miniature' friends. I've always liked to take a little gift along. The first few trips were within Canada and sometimes the gifts were the knives from toothpicks...and sometimes they were the books that I was making at that time.

Last year, a group of us went to Phoenix (for the show and sale there) and Tucson (to visit the Mini-Time Time Museum). To answer the questions "Where are you from?" and "What do you do?", I made simple accordion style miniature books about the City of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, as gifts.

Then when I went to the show in Bowmanville, Ontario, last November, I took along several of the books to give to friends there.

AND I keep a supply of them in my purse. If someone asks what I do, I gift them with a miniature book!

Joanne and I went to the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert Friday for a craft sale As we were standing in line for entry, we were beside a very nice display of miniature gardens and a good selection of miniature accessories. We discussed it with one of the show vendors who was very excited about miniatures so I gave her one of my miniature books with my contact information. I hope that once that show is over, she'll contact me and we can recruit her as a club member.

Anyway, (oh, my, I did drag that intro out, didn't I?), I belong to the Yahoo online miniatures group The Camp. Tom Bishop who runs the Chicago International Show sets aside a room where members of The Camp can meet at the Chicago Show. This get-together will be the highlight of my trip to the Chicago Show. I will get to meet in person SO many people that I have only 'met' so far through e-mail.

I just hope that I've made enough gift books for The Camp meeting!

I had 10 books already made and bagged (in my purse). There were 15 books made but not covered and spined. Then I made an additional 33 (in the clips) .

Back, front covers and spines below all the books.

Front and back covers on - waiting for spines....

Last 33 finished

Oh, my, I hope that 58 will be enough!
I'm not so sure if I can figure out to use the tablet to report while I'm away...

If I can't, I'll try to keep good notes on each day and report back later.....


  1. Hi Maureen! What an excellent idea making all those mini books about St. Albert, and what a great way to show how enchanting our miniature world is! You are a far-sighted, generous and very prepared lady. Have you been practicing on the tablet and is it becoming more familiar? My friend Janine from Minworks got a tablet from her son and she says that there are some things she is unable to do on her tablet keyboard that she can only do on the laptop. I guess you will find out soon enough. I know you have your books stored in it and THAT is the most important thing, in any case, I wish you a safe and FUN trip to Chicago and at the Tom Bishop Show, you lucky duck!


  2. Have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures and looking forward to reading all about your trip. Judy

  3. What a great idea for a mini gift. I'm sure the miniaturists will love receiving them. What a memorable gift for them to have in their dollhouse bookcase. IndyPoppy