Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting things done...especially in preparation for Chicago and New York

On Tuesday, I got a call from DD Leanne: "Mommy, I love you...." And, of course, I replied, "What do you need?" (That's unfair but on the way to mini club, everyone in the car knew what it meant. LOL)

The Child Care Centre where she's a director had a open house last night and they were expecting a shipment of new furniture that would need to be assembled. Now this might sound silly but I enjoy putting together RL furniture and I've done it several times at the day care where she worked previously so it wasn't an off-the-wall request.

As it turned out, that furniture never did arrive while I was there but she had some IKEA pieces for me to assemble and some other things for me to do so it was a busy and tiring (but productive) day. Then shortly after I got home I had to attend the condo board meeting. So it was a long day with no time for minis.

Although I swore I wouldn't, I read another book today. And I had some condo business to take care of BUT then I got my rear in gear and started on my to-do lists!

When I really HAVE to get things done, I start with making lists in Excel worksheets. This one has four columns: and includes all my current to-do's, last minute things by day; shopping and to-do while shopping; and PACKING: electronics (camera, Kobo, tablet, chargers): Clothes: Paperwork (passport, flights, hotels, show information), etc.

If I'm really running short of time and want to keep from being side-tracked, I set a kitchen timer for a limited time and work without a break for that time then (maybe) take a very short break and set the timer again.

My first task this morning was to change my airline reservation from Tuesday, April 16, to Monday, April 15. Since my only workshop is on Thursday night, I thought that arriving Tuesday night would work well for me. BUT the other club members and my room-mate were arriving on Monday and if I changed my arrival to Monday, I would be able to go to American Science and Surplus Supply on Tuesday with Tina. I have been in love with American Science and Supply for YEARS .... BUT they do not ship to this is going to be an incredible shopping expedition!

I've printed out the dealer lists/table locations for both the Tom Bishop Show and the Three Blind Mice Show  and will be poring over them and highlighting my "must-see's".

So the trip is coming together.......

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  1. Your going to have a blast! But you are WAY too organised! Your worse than me with my never-ending lists! Lol! Love ya!! Hugs! xo