Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful gift!

Jean, an upstairs neighbour, called the other night. I think I mentioned her earlier as my neighbour who makes the most incredible pysanky. So although we don't do the same crafts, we are both admirers of each other's work. One of her cousins was going to throw out a bunch of "little things" and Jean said, "Don't do that - I know someone who might be able to use them."

So she rescued them and passed them on to me! Lots of mini possibilities here!

I can certainly see some of the alphabet letters from the bottom bracelet individually in a teenager's room. My Dad made wood initials for the grandchildren so that works for me. (This particular bracelet is from Smithers, BC. What are the chances?? When my mother's family  immigrated to Canada, they homesteaded at Rose Lake, near Smithers, and my mother as born in Telkwa, BC. (and Sean taught in that area before he switched to IT)

One of my particular favourites was this pair of trophies! The one on the right is great but the one on the left also has possibilities.

Aside from all the wonderful possibilities of the small pieces inside them, the globes themselves have possibilities. The globes are about 7/8" in diameter x 1" tall so might work as covers  for small pieces in  1:12.

I also have another friend upstairs who does incredible personalized Christmas stockings for her family/friends who might be able to incorporate some of these pieces into her work.

So thanks to Jean, I'm sure that all of these things will eventually be worked into our various crafts - and rescued from the garbage.

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  1. Hello Maureen! I have to say that this is a miniaturists dream to receive so many tiny things such as what your friend gave to you! I have made hall lanterns from the domes and I once received a tiny christmas tree under one as well. The trophies are cute and I am sure that they will become something very special once you get started on them! I am a new follower of yours and I discovered your blog through Pinterest almost by accident, but now I am a big fan! I really enjoyed the detective office and I think that your trash to treasure ideas are very clever. You are a delight to watch in action.