Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some major re-thinking to be done...

Because the wiring of the attic put me in a major stall on that project, I turned my attention to the quilt shop. (Always a good idea to have two projects going so you can switch between them...)

BUT I had envisioned the back wall of the quilt shop like this:

Fabric bolts
Pegboard with quilting tools

And displays of spools of thread, etc. on the bottom
Fabric bolts
Doors (maybe false)
Open (maybe with quilt batting)

maybe a second shelf here
Doors (maybe false)

Then I took another look at it and and my bolts of fabric and realized that it wouldn't work!

The back wall is 15" wide and I have almost 30" wide of fabric bolts so this is going to take a major re-design...

I can move the pegboard behind the sales counter...but I still need all that back wall width for the fabric bolts...where can I put the thread, etc.,?  Especially if I do a section of fat quarters...

I think I can redesign the back wall so I can put in two rows of fabric bolts that are easily accessible to customers but I have to think about it.

Shoot, now I'm behind on BOTH projects.

Oh, well. On, (what?) Friday, Joanne and I went to Chapters and I picked up four new books. I finished reading them yesterday then Joanne lent me another book this morning. THEN Lorry S. dropped off a bag of books this afternoon. Definitely a case of "thank her or curse her"...there were five books in the series I started reading in the books from Chapters, one Nora Roberts book that I hadn't read, two Jeffrey Archer books I hadn't read, an Alexander McCall Smith "#No. 1 Detective Agency book and another ten books that really look promising.

What's a girl to do?


  1. Wow Maureen! I think that you must be the fastest reader on the planet!
    I have 3 books on the go right now, or should I say on the Stop, as I read a little get sleepy after a few pages and then stop. It is good to read books and I think (to be perfectly honest),that it is healthier than reading the computer screen ; but the blogs are far more fun! Perhaps the reason that you are stalled on your mini work is to give you time to indulge in hitting the books again. An opportunity that you definitely took!

  2. Read a chapter...make a mini...read a chapter...make something mini. That way you can do both he he.

    1. If only I were that disciplined...It's a great idea but once I start a book, I very seldom put it down until it's finished! VBG