Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not a totally wasted weekend...

On Friday, I absolutely could not find something so I knew it was definitely time to (Oh, the horror of it all!) CLEAN MY WORKROOM.

Oh, I've tidied it up every couple months or so - especially when I have fellow miniers over but haven't done a really good clean for much too long.

No wonder I couldn't find things.

I got half done! This is what it looks like now.......

Huge improvement BUT (hanging my head in shame) that's only half the work done. (At which point I succumbed to mumblemumble of the Louise Penny books that had been calling to me.)

Most of the items that were taken from off and under the tables still have to be dealt with. (Run screaming!) 

Most of you who know/follow me are aware that I keep most of my mini accessories on bulletin boards in a closet at the end of my workroom.

Occasionally I bag new items and put them on the bulletin boards but more often I tend to hoard them then do a wholesale sort and put away. And that's what ahead of me tonight.

All the items to be bagged and put away are on the dining room table and the 20 bulletin boards are spread around waiting to be updated. My guess is that there are at least 200 items to be sorted through, bagged, and put away.

So this will be how I spend my evening...

Hopefully I'll get back to some Trash to Treasure and tutorials tomorrow.


  1. Maureen!! You have nothing to be ashamed of! You are the one of the most organized creative person I know! Almost all other miniaturists live amongst
    corralled semi organized creative chaos that our families roll their eyes at and put up with :) Looking forward to those trash to treasure tutorials!

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Well, my daughter certainly rolls her eyes at my room! Especially as it spreads out to the rest of the condo. But I can usually find what I'm looking for...although I've taken a bunch of stuff (pizza props, jam and butter containers, lids, and other pieces with further uses) from this clean-up and put them in one big plastic it may take awhile to get used to the new location.
    My guess at 200 pieces was pretty close. Almost everything is sorted and bagged. Just have to put everything on the bulletin boards and put the boards back in the closet.
    A couple more hours and I should be finished.

  3. The bullitan boards are an awesome idea. I've seen this done before. But I LOVE the way you attach them to hangers and hang them in the closet. That I've never seen done before. Brilliant idea. I love it! So much nicer than having everything is tubs like I do. I would love to do this but I have no free closet space. The closet in my workroom is small and I use it for quilting fabric. But i'll keep it in mind for the future. Who knows right? thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Maureen! What a fabulous Idea to have the goods stored on the bulletin boards! i think that it saves time and trouble in having to constantly search though boxes and drawers to try to locate what you know you have but can't seem to put your finger on.( Saves LOTS of wasted time and trouble ) and you can see what else is available too! Smart Lady!