Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My 'Tiffany' lamp shades

Our club president, Tina, comes up with some of the most interesting and unique projects for us. One of her recent ones was 'Tiffany' lamp shades made from Shrinky Dink Plastic.

NOT a tutorial, unfortunately...(I'm not even sure I could manage a video to show you properly).

We started with a sheet of frosted Shrinky Dink plastic and drew our patterns on them with black pencil crayon, then coloured them with pencil crayon.

The patterns are mandelas (you can find them with an image search for mandela). Here of some of the ones that Tina found for us:

I used the two patterns on the left.(Each one is approximately 4" in diameter.

Sorry, I thought I at least had a picture of the upper left piece traced and coloured so you could see what I started with.

At least if I had had that, you'd have some idea of the process...especially if I had thought to at least take pictures of the tools used to shape the lamp shades.

The process itself happens SO quickly that I knew I wouldn't get pictures of it but I apologize for not at least taking pictures of the tools used to shape the lamp shade...wooden balls with dowels inserted for handles and, in this case, sake (Japanese rice wine) cups.

So now that I have completely confused you....

You use a heat gun to shrink down the plastic to about 1/3 to 1/4 its original size then you use tools to shape it into a lamp shade.

Here are the two lamp shades that I did:

I haven't yet decided how or where I'll use them but I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

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