Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mini Report

I am super annoyed at myself. Following Team Canada in the Junior Men's Championship in Russia was time-consuming...but not so much so that I shouldn't have been able to keep up here. Just was on another wave-length. For example, I cleaned out not only my kitchen utensil drawer but also my "junk drawer". 

Now, we moved into this condo 10 years ago and I don't think I had cleared out either drawer in that time - so that's a good thing...but just an avoidance move.

Last Tuesday at our club workshop, Carol K. shared with us some of her incredible needlework!

The purse kits:

A couple rugs:

The warrior:

Carol took the attic idea and turned it into this wonderful three story Tudor building:

This is Wendy's attic:

Shoot, I left this so late that I can't remember whose pieces these were:

Sandra has done some lovely work here:

 Joanne used her leftover Crayola Magic clay to do the outside of her attic - very nice effect!

Tina demonstrated the use of Wood Filler as a possible finish for the outside wall of the attic:

You can apply a thin layer of the wood filler and add swirls with your finger.

The main idea of the electrical in the original prototype of the attic is that you can hide the battery for the LED lighting in the chimney. Here Lois's husband  put the on/off switch near the battery attachment which fits down into the chimney.

Erika put this great fireplace against the left hand wall of her attic.

I just love seeing how we all start with one basic kit and end up with so many different ideas!

Six of us ordered items from Grandpa's Dollhouse through Liz's January sale. The 2 cubic foot box arrived last week (inciting another huge argument with Canada Post - yet another story) and great excitement!

Here are the packages!

 Delores came to pick her order up and I managed to get a couple pictures:

Oh my goodness, this artist's table is incredible! Wish I had ordered it!

She also ordered several grab bags - these are the contents of just two of them! Such an incredible deal!!!!

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  1. Hi Maureen ! I agree with you that it IS amazing at how everyone has a different interpretation of how to address a particular problem or circumstance and how varied the outcomes will be. The attics all have the stamp of each owner yet they are all the same basic kit. What fun!
    I think the needlework is incredible and I am full of admiration for anyone who can do it.
    Receiving a huge box in the mail is soooo exciting, even if it is not all for you, and the artist table is very authentic. Is that destined for her attic or for somewhere else? I am looking forward to seeing how you finish your attic project; what did Canada Post bring You!?