Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My order from Liz, Second Tuesday get-together

Elizabeth was asking about my order from Liz.

I got this desk and chair. It's very nice and the price was great but I've absolutely no idea where I'm going to use it. VBG

I'm a sucker for the 'little things' that I feel complete a scene. So got a potato masher, two pair scissors, two glue guns, two pair pliers and two rotary cutters - and a measuring cup.

Two plain ceiling lamps and two chandeliers.

This calculator and tape dispenser were in one of my grab bags.

First grab bag:

Second grab bag: lovely table kit in this one

The toy train can go in the toy shop; nice little pitcher, great vase nicely finished. Four decorative plates and I have another one like them in my stash.

There were ten of us here last night for Second Tuesday. I hadn't really planned anything but then I found a batch of bench kits I got from Cheryl Kerfoot in Ontario a couple years ago. So some worked on those while three who had missed the last get-together worked on making tables from scratch.

Pat and her son made these benches. Pat did a crackle finish on hers.

 And here's Trineke's.

Erika's waiting for the glue to dry on her table base.

Trineke returned from visiting her family in Holland and finally got to see the bed I made for her attic.

She brought me this lovely selection of chocolates. As you can see, the top of each chocolate wrapper has a Dutch tile design. There are 27 tiles 1 3/8" square.

She also brought me this great little cash register.

PLUS she brought a sheet of embossed miniature Delft tiles which she shared with all of us.

We also had a special guest join us for the evening. Gwen lives in the area and we've corresponded occasionally over the past while. She had had her order from Liz shipped to me with the others so it was a great opportunity for her to meet some fellow miniaturists and pick up her order. Didn't have as much time to visit as I would have liked though.

We discussed some ideas for the next Second Tuesday and think we'll be doing some canned food for a pantry, some spice jars, salt and pepper shakers, and a copper stock pot.


  1. Hello Maureen! You made some very useful purchases! I think that the desk chair is something Every miniaturist shall envy! They have a nice classic style to them and gives you the opportunity to fill them up with just about anything! The small items are adorable and will come in handy in just about any scene.
    How nice to have the holland chocolates come in such a useful wrapper! Only another miniaturist can fully appreciate the significance of this double dose of pleasure! hahah It is such a lovely thing to have time to share your passion with like-minded friends, Maureen. You are extremely blessed.


  2. Looks like you had a good time, Maureen. I am glad you liked the grab bag items. Funny to see them in your pictures now. You see that I finally found the tape dispenser and calculator so it found it's way into your grab bag. :-) Glad you got to meet Gwen. I am envious. Your group sounds so wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Liz