Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slow going...

For some reason, I just can't seem to get going on the attic project. I think mostly because I hate building the actual project but feel guilty about working on the inside pieces before the setting is done.

Anyway, today I got thinking about the afghan I made for Vern. When Sean and Leanne were 5 and 3, we took a 3 - 4 month trip through the western states in the motor home we owned at the time. As we drove, I knit the afghan.

This is such a great stitch - and very simple! It's a simple repeat of 7 stitches. I've long lost the instructions
and the closest I've found is a four stitch repeat that is lacier. It's very nice but not the one I used on the afghan and would love to find again.

In my stash, I found the matching green and off-white crochet cottons - but no orange! But I did have a pale apricot that I decided to use.

This stitch is quite simple and once you've knit about four rows, it's easy to tell where you are as long as you pay attention! But once you lose your place, if you're as unskilled a knitter as I am, it's almost impossible to correct your mistake. Case in point, this afternoon, I had about an inch of the miniature afghan done. I took it to our craft meeting in the building tonight and got another 1/2" done then got visiting and lost count and really flubbed it.....tried to fix it with no luck so tore everything out and started all over again.

The stitch is:

Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches plus 2.

K2 *P1 wrap wool around needle once, P2 together, K1* Repeat the stitches between * and * to the end of the row.

Just keep repeating that same row until you have the length you want.

This is a bedspread using the stitch above. As you can see it's much more open and lacy than the original stitch. I never used it where I intended so I've never bothered blocking it.
This was my second time making this particular piece. I had it knit the first to a length of about 4" when I accidently pulled it off the needles and had to start all over again. Devastating moment!

If you knit a piece 1" x 2", you can stitch it over a coloured cushion for a great effect. I did this in my camping scene. (You can just see it behind the pink teddy bear - and as I noted in the description of the scene, it resembled one of the cushions my DS Carol made for me years ago.)

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