Friday, November 30, 2012

One of those things....mitre box

Joanne and I were talking the other night and she brought this to my attention:

One of club members had said "why didn't you tell me this"

Our reaction was "we didn't know you didn't know it"

Which wasn't fair to either of us, in a way, because there are some things that you just learn over time - they become automatic and you forget that you never knew them...

In this regard, I didn't realize this for a LONG time and now I've, sort of, forgotten that I never knew it:

The mitre box has a lower lip on one side that butts along a straight edge of a working counter/table to hold it in place while you saw.

If I'm cutting more than one piece of wood, I will sometimes clamp the mitre box in place with either a C-clamp or the adjustable clamp shown here.

So please forgive us when we take things for granted....

And PLEASE ask us the questions.....

Between us we will all work it out and enjoy the hobby much, much more....


  1. Hi Maureen, I use double-sided tape to tape a scrap of basswood about an eighth of an inch thick to the bottom of the mitre box. Then you have something softer to cut into instead of scraping the aluminum bottom -- almost as bad as scraping a blackboard. Replace it whenever it gets worn. CarolK

    1. Thank you so much Carol. I had forgotten about that. So much easier on the blade of the saw too...
      Thanks for that tip..

  2. Oh how great is this because I totally needed it a few weeks ago and here I've even got one in my shelf! Good to know indeed. And great tip Carol! Thank you ladies!