Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last night's Show and Tell

We have Show and Tell at our general meetings of MEE (third Tuesday of the month)...but I usually forget my camera...but fortunately for you, remembered it last night!

First of all, I was thrilled to receive a gift from Natasha.

 Beautiful basket (with even a coordinating ribbon running through the basket) filled with six of the loveliest cupcakes - some with cherries and some with roses. The cupcakes are even in  the fluted papers! Such beautiful work. If you haven't already visited her blog, please do so and enter the draw for not one but three incredible miniatures from her!

I displayed my loveseat and chair by Janet Harvie, my Brockhurst cabinet, my Greg Matuvosky silver picture frame, the mounted moosehead, the coffee maker and the counter that I bought at Bowmanville.

Holly displayed the "Princess and the Pea" bed she had made. And yes, there is a pea (well, a green bead) under the bottom mattress! Year before last, the club's summer excursion was to Holly's to see her incredible collection.

Joanne R. has been busy lately and displayed these four secret books done from Robin Betterley kits. (Each book is about 2" tall!)

Members Carol K. and June K. attended the IGMA tinsmithing class with Alan Hamer in Portland OR. These are Carol's pieces from the class. Aren't they incredible!

Lucille L. brought in six of her dolls. The two upper right are ones that she dressed. The one in green she purchased from the instructor who taught dressing the other two and the two below. The witch in the foreground is by Jamie Carrington.

Lucille also dressed these two dolls in classes. My favourite is the "My Fair Lady at Ascot" on the left.

 Lucille bought this Johannes Landman portrait at the IGMA auction in, I think, Philadelphia.

Laurie H. was in Europe in September and brought back these lovely Reutter pieces. She also brought back a set of dental instruments (with working syringe and even the small piece with the mirror on the end  LOL) that she found in a small shop somewhere. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it.

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