Monday, October 15, 2012

Where did the last week go?

Somehow RL has gotten in the way of mini-ing and blogging.

I've given a lot of thought to the attic project but haven't put anything into action yet.

Was going to get started on the studs on the inner walls of the attic but made the decision to put siding on the outside of the attic. It'll be easier to put the siding on before the studs go in in case the siding needs to be clamped or weighted in place. Had thought about using double-sided tape to install the siding then I remembered I have a tube of Liquid Nails that I think will work better. Have to get cracking as I'd like to have the siding on and the studs up before Mini Day Out on Saturday.

I did get started on one piece for the attic though.

We have three pieces of furniture that belonged to Vern's parents: a drop leaf table that his mother used when she canned; a beautiful end table; and their china cabinet.

Vern's brother took over the house and the farm when Mother and Father Heuchert died and he and his wife gave us the furniture. Edwin had used the drop leaf table to hold plants and when we got it, it had several coats of paint and was water-damaged from the plants. Vern stripped and re-finished it.

I had this Chrysnbon drop leaf table in my stash. The basic table is just about perfect but the leaves are too long and the wrong shape. I've re-stained the table and will be removing the leaves and make new ones to match the actual table.

On the weekend, I bought a telephone at a garage sale. In the same box was a second telephone that didn't work too well so I took it apart and ended up with a small box of bits and pieces that may or may not have mini uses at some time. But I think this emergency sign has definite possibilities.

Our club meeting is tomorrow night but hope I'll maybe get some mini-ing done during the day.

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