Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pleasant surprise!

No matter how many tables I have, I never seem to have enough working space and since I've volunteered to host a sub-group of MEE for newer members, I knew that I would need a folding table to accommodate them in the condo. With that in mind, I've been watching the Canadian Tire flyers for this one to go on sale.

And it's on sale for 30% this week! So I phoned DS Shirley and asked her if we could go to Canadian Tire and pick one up. I had some condo business to take care of in the morning yesterday so we made arrangements to go after that was finished. In the meantime, Shirley had told Mom of our plans and when I got back to the condo, there was a message from Mom telling me that she no longer needs hers (the same one) and I could have it! How great was that!

Each year I print what my family refers to as simply "The Book". In my Dad's last year with us, I would find stories, cartoons, and quotations and print them out for him. At one point, Mom suggested I make them into a book and with that, "The Book" was born.The first one was done for our last Christmas with Dad and I've done one for every Christmas since then.

It's usually about 100 pages of e-mail forwards, poems, cartoons and quotations. Originally I printed it on the fancy stationery but now I usually use the page border feature in Word to fancy up the pages. For years the pages were put in plastic sleeve protectors (Vern did a lot of that part) and then into binders.

Last year, I bought myself a binding machine and now I use that.

It's a HUGE printing job so I was pleased to see that the ink cartridges for my printer were on sale at Staples. I usually buy online from Staples but for some reason their shopping cart would only register one discount code, not the five that I was entitled to, so I had to go to their store and buy them in person. After I returned, I went to Mom's and picked up the table...which also happens to be perfect for collating the pages into the 12 copies of The Book that I currently make.
about halfway through printing...
I'll be busy with this for the next couple days so minis are definitely on the back burner.

Here's one from "The Book":

Dear Life: When I say "Life couldn't possibly get any worse", it is NOT a challenge!

But DS Marie called this morning to wish  me Happy Thanksgiving and asked about the Vern's  attic project. And she came up with some great ideas for additions to it...and those in turn triggered more ideas! I really need to get the attic finished so I can get on to the fun part of making the things to go in it.

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