Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing about minis today

I've been busy lately but with my equal love - BOOKS!

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I spend a good deal of my time reading. Books and music are my other passions pretty much equal to minis.

As much as I enjoyed the Mini Day Out on Saturday, I was so disappointed that it meant missing a breakfast meeting with some former school colleagues including Gerry Buccini, the assistant principal at W. D. Cuts School, where I volunteered then worked for a total of almost 20 years. When Gerry retired, I made a miniature of his office as a retirement gift - the first of my 'copy' room vignettes.

Gerry has just published his "That's Twice You Said It, Are You a Parrot?: Memories of a 35 Year Junior High Teaching Career" book. Since I couldn't be there, my friend and former co-worker, Velma, picked up three copies for me, Sean and Leanne. (It was no surprise, knowing Gerry, that he had written wonderfully personal notes to each of us in our copies of the book.)

I went to Velma's yesterday, picked up the books and had a wonderful long visit with her then came home and read Gerry's book.

Wonderful book and a lot of great memories and thoughts.

Then tonight five of us went out to dinner at Normand's Bistro at the Citadel Theatre then over to the Winspear Centre to hear Alexander McCall Smith as part of LitFest Dinner was delicious and Alexander McCall Smith was incredibly entertaining. Thanks to Joanne for organizing our wonderful evening. You can see him discussing his work here.

I'm a great fan of his No. 1 Ladies' Detectives Agency series so it was a great pleasure to hear him discuss that and his other books.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get away from books and back to accomplishing something with minis...

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