Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mini Day Out..general info and specific for next...

In addition to regular MEE club workshops (first Tuesday of each month) and club All-Day Workshops (once, maybe twice a year); sporadically throughout the year, Joanne and I host a "Mini Day Out" in the social room in my condo.

This is just a fun 'get-away' day where we bring our UFOs and work on some aspect of them. It's a very relaxing day with rent/lunch provided at a cost of roughly $5.00 each, depending on how many people come. It's a great opportunity to see what everyone is working on and pick up tips on how to do those things.

Although most people who attend are members of MEE, it's not a club activity so non-members are welcome. We have mini friends who live in Calgary who attend when they can.

If you're a follower and plan on being in the Edmonton area at any time, let me know and I'll try and schedule an MDO while you're here. If that's too much time out of your schedule or we can't work something out, but you'd like to meet for coffee and/or lunch, we'll try to schedule something. I'd love to have you come and see my minis and workroom - just give me enough notice to do some cleaning!

We have scheduled the next MDO for Saturday, October 20. This one is a bit different in that it's scheduled specifically for new members of MEE who have missed the earlier club workshops and want to catch up in the construction/finishing of the attic so far.

But that's only a small portion of what will be happening...some of us will be working on various aspects of the attic...some will be finishing off things that were started at the Lori Ann Potts workshop...and some will work on pieces that will go in other things that they're working on.

Would love to have you join us...

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