Monday, October 1, 2012

Doll Show

The Doll Show was fun. There were three dealers there who had done our Show and Sale so was nice to visit with them again. Val Corraini from Calgary was there with a suitcase full of Nutshell News and I got eight issues that I was missing.

Some good interest in the miniatures club so hopefully we'll have a couple new members. Tina had brought her attic prototype for display and it engendered a lot of interest.

(Forgot my camera....)

Sunni had brought her little coffee shop in a coffee cup.

It was displayed on its own without the doll and table so many of the adults didn't realize immediately that it was a display but there was one little girl who fell in love with it. It was at perfect eye level for her and she dragged her father back to see it several times. So Joanne explained how it had been made and suggested that maybe she and Dad could make one of her own. Suspect he has a budding miniaturist on his hands. We saw her later with her Mom making a purchase at a nearby table but we couldn't tell if it was a miniature or not.

Other than the Nutshell News, I didn't buy anything mini oriented but I did pick up a couple Christmas presents - one for Jonah and a little stocking stuffer for Leanne.

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