Monday, September 10, 2012

Today's project

You may recall that the two storey roombox didn't come with plexiglass fronts although the moulding is there for it.

At some point, I'll get plexiglass but it's not going to happen before the show on Sunday but I really wanted something in place by then.

I didn't have any pieces of rigid clear plastic that were big enough but I remembered I had a roll of fairly heavy clear plastic that we received at the last Edmonton Gathering.

I cut two pieces of matboard to fit the front opening of one room of the box.

I then cut out the centre of each piece, leaving two 1/4" wide 'frames'.

That was getting a step ahead of myself. Here I put the cut-out piece back inside the frame. Now I place that over the clear plastic and cut a piece of the plastic the size of the entire piece of matboard. So the plastic should be cut before the 'frames' are cut. The 'frames' are too flimsy to use to cut the plastic properly.

I didn't have any of the glues suggested at This to That so I did take one hint from the Plastic to Paper page and scuffed up the edges on both sides of the plastic with an emery board so it would glue better. (I put my metal ruler in 1/4" from the outside edge of the plastic so the emery board wouldn't scratch the area that will show inside the frame).

I spread glue on one side of one frame and glued the plastic in place. When that dried, I flipped it over and glued the second piece to the other side of the plastic. Once that glue dried, I put the piece in the slots. It didn't go in easily so I trimmed it a bit so it would move easily.

And here it is in place covering the front of the bottom room. Not wild about the portion of the frame that shows but the slot isn't very deep and if the frame was any narrower it would be too flimsy to work with.

Now I have to make the piece for the top room and I can pack up my displays for the show!

Took about twice as long as I had thought it would but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

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