Monday, September 10, 2012

Sisters, incredible eye candy

My mom and my three sisters are not miniaturists but they're all very supportive of my hobby/obsession and often pick up things here and there that they think I'll be able to use. When the printer saga was ongoing, I often spoke to DS Marie about what was happening and she picked up a little 'sorry you're going through all that' gift for me. On the day she mailed it, things finally got all sorted out with the printer so it turned into a "glad it all worked out" gift. VBG

It arrived Friday and got put to good use over the weekend!

It's a pack of DryBOND repositionable adhesive:

I used it to hang the new Judy Schafers painting in the Art Gallery and to attach the name to my pedlar's cart for the Little Fair on the Prairie:

Yesterday, I got all the last fiddly stuff done on my Little Fair on the Prairie pieces (glued everything down, made sure my name was on everything) and got all of that packed up and ready for transport.

What a week it's going to be! Still don't have plexiglass for the two story roombox so have to figure out 'something' there; pack up my displays; and finish up show preparations; some miniaturist friends are staying at my place this weekend; about 20 of us are attending an all-day workshop on Saturday - that is being held in a room in my building so has to be set up; Joanne and I are organizing the lunch for the workshop; we have a dinner at the hotel on Saturday night; then the show on Sunday.

At last count, my 'to-do' list had 97 items on it. Fortunately most of them are quick 5 - 10 minute things but some are a more labour intensive. But all worth it in the end!

I did take the time this morning to read my e-mail (of course) and took a look at Orsi in Budapest's latest project. Absolutely incredible! Being Fimo-challenged myself, I always admire the work of those who aren't but Orsi's work is breathtaking!

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