Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can't decide...

on "Eat Your Heart Out" or "Turn Green with Envy"...

You hopefully have seen Mustard Seed Miniatures (Lori-Ann Potts) - what a coup! - on our list of dealers for the Show and Sale on Sunday but what you haven't seen is is that Lori-Ann is teaching a workshop to 20 of us on Saturday, Sept. 15. |

We didn't advertise it as there were only 20 spots available for the class and they were quickly taken up by club members.

I can't show you the pictures as I don't have the copyright on them but it is such a GREAT workshop - four pieces of Bespaq and about 150 pieces of ephemera to complete an attic scene.

I think I've finished everything to prepare for the Show and Sale...just have to finish up the preparations for Lori-Ann's workshop...

What a great weekend coming up....


  1. Oh Green with envy is me!!! That would be so wonderful to have a class with her. I am sure she will let you show your photos when you are done though right? Or I will have to come up and visit to see it. I wish I could have done your show again this year. Sure looking forward to your diary of it all. Have fun and take photos
    Judy who is very green

  2. Judy, I'm very tempted to say you'll have to come and visit but, yes, I'll be posting pictures of both the workshop and the show and sale next week.