Sunday, September 23, 2012

Edmonton Show and Sale Part one: The Show

In May/June of 2011, we decided to undertake a different (for us anyway) project for the 2011-12 year. Usually we do a project where everyone is working on the same item such as this coming year's attic but this time we chose a County Fair which meant that everyone was working on a variety of stalls, booths and carts.

Some of the St. Albert members had done Pedlar's Carts a couple years ago so we had those to begin with. We had a British projects publication that showed a variety of stalls (can't find it right now to tell you the name) so that was a helpful resource and Barb S. had a couple stalls that gave us further ideas.

At our Christmas party, we chose the name "Little Fair on the Prairie" and our May all-day workshop was spent working on stalls and doing a mock set-up of completed work. At that point we knew we had a winner on our hands.

A couple members had found some great variegated cloth to cover the tables with to give them the look of grounds and we ended up with six 6' tables filled with stalls, booths and carts and an additional two 6' tables side by side in the middle which became a picnic/playground area.

After we had set up the fair last Sunday morning (quite a logistical experience!), Holly came in with 12 yards of miniature bunting she had made. It really pulled the whole thing together.


Pat's J. & J. Apples, Sunni's coffee booth, June's Yummies, Natasha's baked goods, security man on bike, Wendy's cupcakes and popcorn cart

Koko's Burgers by Carol K., my "A Scoop or Two), Erika's "The Pie Man"

Joanne's Pickle on a Stick, Dolore's kissing booth, June's "For the Birds", Joanne's Whack-a-Mole, Tina's basketball toss and Joyce B.'s Red Earth Pottery

Lil's "Bang for your Buck", Joanne's faceboards, Barb S.'s Ring Toss, Natasha's Dita Von Draco tea and tarot tent, Jillian's Down to Earth Herbals and Gifts

My "The Snuggler" cart, (Janeen's kitchen which was later moved to the other displays), Sunni's "Pink" cotton candy, Joanne's "What's New" newstand, Lorry's Serendipity cart, Tina's Gone to Pot garden shop

Lorry's Chin-zee's trim and fabric, Lorry's Rosies, Laurie H.'s Posies and Pots, Barb S.'s Oh, Canada, souvenir booth

Jelly Beananza cart, Holly's Linens and Lace, Lucille's Oliver's Old Fashioned Toys (back), my St. Albert Public Library used books

Margaret's Dragonfly Arts and Crafts, my The Pedal Pusher plant stall

Laurie's bathroom; Erika's Punch and Judy Show; Joanne's First Aid Tent

Sunni's entrance and information booth

Gazebo by Joyce Buchanan; Sunni's pony rides; don't know who the vehicle belongs to

Playground belonging to the club

Laurie's bathroom trailer
 This year prizes were awarded to the top three People's Choice winners in the Little Fair as well as our usual vignette, roombox and dollhouse categories.


First Place: Koko's Burgers by Carol Kokotylo

Second Place: A Flush Away by Laurie Houle

Third Place: Bang for Your Buck by Lil MacPhee
The miniature ribbons on the winners were made by Barb. S.

I'll tell you about the rest of the displays tomorrow.

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