Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching up...

So much happened last week that it's going to take a couple days to tell you all about it. Very busy but worth every minute.

So we'll start with Friday. The Lori-Ann Potts workshop was being held in the social room in my building. Joanne and I were looking after the lunch so I had some cooking and baking and setting up to do. Lori-Ann, Debbie Burville of Montacute Miniatures, and our club president, Tina, came over to set up the tables and put out the kits.

All set up and ready for Saturday morning.
I think I mentioned earlier that our club project for the coming  year is an attic room. Originally, I wasn't going to do it as I really don't need another project on  my to-do list but Tina was doing hers as a memorial to her late husband and I got thinking that might be an approach I could take with it also.

Tina's prototype of the attic room

Lucille's prototype of the attic room as a sewing room

I asked Sean and Leanne and neither of them were too interested but then I decided to do it for the grandchildren. They're so young that they won't have many memories of Grandpa Vern so it seems a good way to make him more real  to them.

Tina and I discussed it a bit on Friday afternoon and I told her I wasn't having much luck thinking of things to put in it. Boy, did that ever change! I was watching TV Friday night and the ideas started to come...and come...and come. I ended up with two full pages of foolscap covered with notes on things to put in it.

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  1. I do the exact same thing Maureen; I've got lists and lists..Hugs!