Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a day!

Imagine all of you will be able to relate to this story. About two weeks ago, Joanne and I were at Dollarama and I bought a new box of no. 10 envelopes. Since then, I have spent time every day trying to find them. but that red box was nowhere to be found. So this morning, I'm scanning the room again looking for the box of envelopes and I spot the red box of photo paper that I've momentarily thought was "the box" several times before. Then I suddenly realize that there is a BLUE box of #10 envelopes just below it. NOW I remember that I bought the envelopes in the blue box rather than the red because the blue box envelopes are lined. No wonder I couldn't find the new envelopes in the RED box. (Blush, blush!)

Joanne and I spent about three hours at the library fixing the Storybook dollhouse and installing the plexiglass. We found that there were a couple more items missing so we'll be replacing them also. The plexiglass looks really good and offers great protection against little hands.

I DID remember my camera and I took about 20 pictures of the house and contents BUT put the camera away before we finished screwing on the plexiglass so don't have a picture of that.
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Hanging my head in shame...
When we were at Tina's on Tuesday night, I was looking at the shop she made when we were at Camp Mini Ha Ha together. This is the piece that I planned on putting my art gallery in. Quite honestly, it just hasn't been working for me and after looking at Tina's, I gave up on it completely.

Before I left this morning, I replied to a message on Small Stuff from Molly Cromwell asking about the Cerveny, one of Alex's shops at Miniland in Victoria. When I got home, I replied to a further message from Molly, took another look at the Cerveny (which just happens to be on sale 10% off) and decided to order it! (Maybe the 'hanging head in shame' picture should go here. LOL)

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