Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Petal Pusher - Garden Stall

Oh, I love the things I can do with the computer. These name signs would have been a pain in the butt to do without it. And thanks to Tommi L. from Canada Minis for coming up with the name!

 In place:
 Showing the back:

Making the side supports for the shelves:

I 'inherited' these sewing pattern weights from DD Leanne. Had forgotten I had them until  today. They're great for holding things in place.

The side supports glued in place:

Now the shelves are glued in place:

The roof glued in place and the stall glued to the cloth covered base.
 Side view

From the back

All the plants except the one in the tea cup on the top shelf are by Connie Stitt. The bird bath and the two tall bird houses are by Liliana Olson, a member of MEE. The blue bird house on the top shelf, the watering cans, the brass plant stand and the pink flamingo are from my stash.

One down, two to go.........

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  1. Love the way you did the wall Maureen, very nice, I have never seen it done this way. A nice cart all together.