Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New acquisitions

My 'intention' VBG was to photograph my new stuff last night and get everything put away. HA! I have never had so much trouble taking pictures - had to try as many as 8 times to get a half decent picture of some of these things....

This wonderful little angel is only an inch tall! The 'gold' bracelet will go in the jewellery box kit I got from Dragonfly International at the Phoenix Show and Sale (3rd one down).

Unfortunately the chair in the Millie August Classique kit had already been made BUT all the wood pieces had been traced on a piece of paper so I can still make the chair at some point. Not too sure just where the HOM kits will end up.

 Two lovely pieces of silk...might be nice as upholstery maybe.
These pieces will probably end up in my oriental project when I get around to it. Although I'm getting so many pieces for it that my original setting is quickly proving too small. But what else is new?!?

Love this plate of devilled eggs. They're popular at our RL family dinners so pleased to have them.

Little baby afghan.

Nice little pot of flowers.

Along with the other oriental items were two of these black bases. One of my upstairs neighbours does the most incredible pysanky and gifted me with this beautiful one last week. The minute I saw the base I thought it would be perfect for displaying the pysanka and, sure enough, it is.

Leanne picked these up for me at Michael's in Las Vegas. (I couldn't bring them back as I was flying with only carry-on luggage.)  Michael's here doesn't carry any of these although Yes glue is available locally. BUT, with a 40% off coupon on one item, the bill for all four was under $20!

The grandchildren gave me a Michael's gift card for Christmas so Leanne and I went there locally weekend before last. Got 6 three foot strips of the cove moulding and 2 strips of the other. REALLY hard to shop at Michael's here after having been to the American stores so recently. Pretty much everything is 50% to 100% more here! ARRRGHH

Have wanted some of this adhesive for quite some time so was very glad to see it at Michael's here.

Well, I'm off to my Mom's for the rest of the day. Hopefully, I've packed up everything I need to complete my plant pot stand for the Little Fair on the Prairie while I'm there. And I have my camera so I can document the construction and should have a report for you tomorrow.

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