Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mini Mail, a T2T

Well, the heat wave has broken at least temporarily BUT we've been hit with a whole pile of thunderstorms and even were on tornado watch for five hours the other day. So it seems like every time I had both the time and inclination to post here, my computer had to be shut down because of the electrical storms.

I got mini mail - all the way from Australia! Jazzi sent me a wonderful set of cushions. Just debating where to put them. Jazzi has a great blog and also sells on Etsy.

A friend and I were looking at the wall hanging made by Joyce Buchanan that is now hanging on my front door and I realized that the andirons in the fireplace are made from the back of cufflinks.

Another use for an old cufflink is to make a standing mirror for a vanity or bathroom.


  1. Yay! So glad your surprise arrived and you like them! xx

  2. I love them and think they'll look good on the window seat in the Bombay house - when I get it made VBG.
    Hugs, Maureen