Saturday, July 14, 2012

Found some info...

You'll recall I was asking about information about this beautiful little piece. I had thought it might be done by a young girl from Calgary who had made a Care Bear which is a cherished piece of my collection. 

But the box that it was in was stamped: Royale Downes, 31 Gladeview Cres. SW, Calgary, AB 

Bob Francis of Calgary (Bob is a long-time miniaturist from Calgary and the current N.A.M.E . regional director) advised me that Royale Downes and the young lady I remember are two entirely different people.

 Royale Downes is not the teenage girl that was doing the fimo figures - I can't recall that young ladies name but it for sure is not Royale - different person entirely.  I haven't seen Royale for many many years now and am not sure if she is still doing miniatures or not.  She used to do our Calgary show regularly but hadn't done shows with us for several years before our club disbanded so not sure whether she just moved on or what happened to her.  Her work was exceptional and I own several of her bear figures including a Phantom of the Opbeara that is too adorable... 

Upon further discussion, Bob advised me that he felt sure that the piece was, in fact, done by Royale Downes. And had a few more thoughts about the young woman:

As for the young girl, the more I think about it the more I think her name was Kayla or Kyla something and if I remember correctly, she was from Turner Valley or Black Diamond (just outside of Calgary).  She had a very keen interest in horses as well...... she sort of disappeared too but suspect that had to do with her age and interests... sadly, it seems that is what happens with most of the young ones.  I always hope they'll find their way back to us....

Both of them were incredible miniaturists and their disappearance from the miniature scene is a loss to all of us.

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