Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally getting around to blogging...

Last Tuesday, Mom asked me to stay with her for about five hours so I packed up my supplies and got four full hours in on my garden stall!

It was quite an experience for me to work over there as it meant cleaning up after each step. I know that's how I SHOULD work but can't seem to accomplish it at home.

OUCH! Had no idea that it had been so long since I made the base for the garden stall (March 25). The tool is a sprue cutter from Hobby Wholesale in Edmonton. This tool makes a wonderfully flush cut. While it's intended use is to cut sprue (the plastic piece that holds model pieces together), it actually works well to trim bits of wood that are just a fraction longer than they should be.

You'd think by now I would have the good sense to stain before construction; but in my defense, I had really thought I might paint this but changed my mind.

Some club members found some great fabric to cover the tables on which the fair stalls will sit. Those of us who didn't have freestanding stalls (such as Carol's hot dog stand and Laurie's washroom trailer) were given pieces of the fabric to cover the bases of our stalls so they would blend in with the overall look of the fairgrounds.

So I cut a piece of matboard to use as my base:
and glued the fabric to it.

I cut three pieces of matboard to make an alcove at the back of the stall base where the shelves for the potted plants will go.

 Like this...

I printed out this picture of a field of flowers and glued it to the back of the stall.

I had cut a bunch of strip wood to make the shelves. This time I got smart and stained them before construction. I even remembered to wear my rubber gloves to keep the stain off my hands.

Here I've cut the strips to length for the shelves, connectors and side supports.

Using my wonderful plexiglass gluing jig (made by Samm and Gerry Brockhurst), I began construction of the shelves. (You can see where I used coffee stirrers to line up the shelve pieces.) I glued on the first connector piece, then moved the stirrers over, glued on the middle piece, then removed them and glued on the final piece.

I made four shelves.

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