Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catch up

We're about halfway through a 10 day heat wave - and I don't do heat well! The first couple days weren't too bad as it cooled off at night but it's not even doing that now so I'm not getting much done except reading.

Our condo coffee club normally doesn't meet during the summer months but we've decided to meet this summer so that's Wednesday afternoon.

Last Thursday, Joanne brought her fair stall over and we worked on it and I got a couple things done on mine. Barb joined us and came up with some helpful ideas.

Friday night Joanne and I went out for dinner then to the Edmonton Cemetery where the Edmonton storytellers group told five stories. Very interesting evening. After dinner, we made a quick stop at Dollarama where I picked up another of the pet tents I told you about earlier. This one will be a tent for DGD Holly's Barbies. I'll make a couple sleeping bags, etc. for it.

Saturday, I went to the St. Albert Farmers' Market with DS Marie and DBIL Robert. Looked and tasted mostly but did find a great geode that's the smallest one in my collection so far.

While we were there I stopped at the St. Albert Public Library and picked up the most recent J.D. Robb book "Celebrity in Death". After a late lunch at the market, we stopped at SHAVA (the hospital auxiliary used book store) and I found a book from the Brian Jacques "Redwall" series that I hadn't yet read.

My original intent was to walk home from the market but it was too darn hot so we took a side trip to Dollarama and Dollar Tree then they dropped me off at home.

Yesterday, my friend and neighbour Pam called and asked me to print out something we had found on the internet as part of her daughter's 40th birthday present. Went to do that and discovered that my printer had died on me. (And of course this is just after I bought $60 worth of ink cartridges for it in the US and can't return them!)

Pam had to go to Staples anyway so we headed over there and I bought a new printer. Got it all hooked up and so far I'm pleased with it.

Pam's coming up with 40 gifts for her daughter so we did some brainstorming and came up with some good ideas.

Today I've promised myself that, heat or not, I must get the garden stall done. (My time line for all three stalls has a deadline of next Monday so I have my work cut out for me - and the heat wave isn't due to break until early next week.

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