Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada Post (NOT a love letter)

I am SO angry!

I'm getting really excited about the roombox that I ordered from Alex at Miniland in Victoria. So tonight I checked the tracking number with Canada Post.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that delivery had been attempted today (NOT), an attempted delivery notice had been left (NOT) and that I could pick my parcel up tomorrow at the nearest sub post office (a walk of 1.28 km there and back).

Not only had I not left the apartment all day, there was no record on my phone of a call from the entry of the building.

Now this is not an uncommon experience in this building but after three straight complaints to the post office in the past over the exact same thing, my last two parcels had actually been delivered to me so I thought (hoped) it was a thing of the past.

Unfortunately when my computer crashed, the folder containing all the previous e-mails about similar instances was lost. So I started searching on the Canada Post website for a way to contact them by e-mail. Can't do that any more without setting up an account and couldn't do that because it kept telling me that my password and password repeat didn't match (which they did).

Finally found a back door through which to report it and did so in no uncertain terms...

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of this. According to the tracking site, delivery of this was attempted today. IT WAS NOT!!! I was home all day and there was no call to have me come down for a package. And there was no 'missed call' on my phone from the front door.

This continually happens but I thought after my last three complaints that maybe it wouldn't happen again.

Perhaps if these things had to be re-delivered, the attempt might actually be made in the first place.
Now I have to walk, in this heat, to the post office to pick it up.

Not only that, there is no longer an easy way to e-mail you.

I got an autoreply acknowledging the message fairly quickly BUT there's no message - but four attachments - one of which was the actual message telling me that if I don't receive my parcel within five days, notify them and they'll look into it. BIG DEAL. I'm walking to the post office in the morning to pick it up so, of course, I'll have it within five days.

Guess it's time for a letter to my MP.

I want to make it perfectly clear that my beef is ONLY with Canada Post. Miniland cannot be blamed in anyway for this mess.


  1. Hi, hon, guess that means that Australia Post isn't much better.
    Hugs, Maureen

  2. Not too bad...waiting on package from UK for over a month!