Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a week!

I had SO much I wanted to blog about in the past week or so but RL interfered big time and I've not only not had time/energy to keep up here but I'm even X&#$ behind on reading my e-mails. And I'm just too tired tonight to even begin a catch-up other than to tell you why I haven't been around,

First of all, my Mom (who lives in the condo next door) passed out and fell, badly bruising a couple ribs, this past Saturday. That meant a lot of time at the hospital on Saturday and keeping an eye on her and scheduling tests to find out the cause of the fall. But she is doing well and is in good spirits.

A former member of the St. Albert and Edmonton miniature clubs contacted Joanne because her health requires that she move to a care facility and subsequently downsize. So Joanne and I picked up her miniatures on Tuesday and started sorting through them. There are roughly 20 incredibly wonderful roomboxes/vignettes and I spent a good part of today measuring and photographing them for sale.

Then I came home and downloaded the pictures...but had to spend about two hours figuring out how to download the fast method of downloading to Fotki (which I had lost when the computer crashed last time)...finally accomplished that then had to identify and give information on all the pictures.

If you want to look at some serious eye candy, you can see Joyce's work here. It is actually available for sale locally if you're in the Edmonton AB area but we are not in a position to ship it - it's only available for pickup.

And, of course, this brings up the question that most of us are considering - what arrangements do we make for the disposition of our collections?

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