Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MEE Garage Sale

Our Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton club final meeting of the year is tonight and one of the highlights is the Garage Sale. Members bring in items that they want to 'clear out'.

Since my major giveaway last year, after which I discovered I had given away SO MANY things I later needed, I\m hesitant to go that route again.

However, I have four paper boxes of bits and pieces of fabric that I've collected over the years:

View from the top - about 8 cubic feet of fabric:

I went through 'most' of the fabric and packaged it in 25 cent packages.  Lots of lace but also many pieces of silk and pieces of Christmas fabric.

Should have packaged more but you just never know what you'll need/want later.

The most frustrating thing is that with all that fabric I couldn't find a single piece that worked with what I wanted for the sunshade for the book stall - or the plant stall either.

BUT as I headed for bed, it occurred to me that my nightshirt was of the colours and striped design that I was looking for...


  1. LOL - did the nightshirt bite the dust? When I was doing my first house and I was working on the nursery I saw that the housecoat I was wearing would be perfect for the rug. It was quite old anyway so it ended up on the nursery room floor.

  2. Doreen, it hasn't yet but it definitely will! LOL You go with what works.
    Hugs, Maureen