Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Fair on the Prairie

Well, my computer is still limping along so I better tell you at least some of what's been happening before I get so far behind that I'll never catch up....

On Saturday, May 26, the club had its annual All Day Workshop. This year, everyone was to bring their stalls and pedlar carts (finished or not) so we could do a preliminary set-up of the Little Fair on the Prairie for our Show and Sale in September. I was totally wowed at the incredible variety of projects members brought in. We ended up with about 40' of displays in an 'L' shape and a 6' x 5' picnic/playground area. The display area has 33 stalls and pedlars carts selling just about everything.

I already showed you the wonderful washroom trailer that Laurie H. made and told you about the changes. It's even better than when I first saw it.

The men's washroom needs to be cleaned...
And the women's is in use....

Carol K. has made this wonderful hot dog stand (and the slurpie machine has since been  installed):

I am now officially committed to making three stalls: an ice cream stand, the plant stand (I've at least started work on that one), and a book stand.

You'll recall that I bought a John Greer market stall at Amber's sale:
My tentative idea for this is to do a stall for the St. Albert Public library with withdrawn books for sale. I'd also like to do a miniature of the dollhouse that MEE made for the children's department of the library as part of this display. That may, or may not, get done.

But the other night I was thinking about (Horrors) making enough books to fill this stall when I had my AHA moment. Dick Tabor, my miniaturist friend from New York state, taught me this incredible technique for making books - and even sent me a very large supply of books that he had made. Carolyn Brown of Maple Leaf Miniatures (she of incredible cakes and the prize-winning castle dining room "Retribution") has a tutorial on Dick's method on her website. So I got out my bag of books and filled the stall - one step closer...

Now I need to find some fabric to hang over the top of the stall. (More about that tomorrow.)

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