Friday, June 22, 2012

All my goodies...

This is one of two sets of Indian brass that Pat had. Absolutely love it! And you can buy it for only $10. The table is low but I feel the chairs are true 1:12 scale.

Picked up this couch for only $5. If Barb doesn't want it, I'll do the faux leather application on it and keep it in my stash.

Oh, my goodness! At it's tallest, this piece is 1 1/2"

This Buddha is 1" high. Beautifully detailed. One of three that Pat has for only $1.00

I don't as a usual buy dolls but Pat offered me this wonderful articulated doll (as you see sitting here)

and her great clothing for only $ could I resist?

These are some of the little freebies from Pat. The floppy-eared bunny recognized the fact that we both have rabbits in our lives.

This is a $1.00 bag of Christmas ornaments from Pat.

This is a gift of holly leaf shaped woodies that Pat thought I could use as signs in the Christmas shop.

I couldn't get a good shot of these but they are really cool Christmas license plates: e.g. HoHoHo

Dollarama red furniture pieces for 25 cents each. These work well in vignettes.

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  1. Great score Maureen...the doll looks like a Dawn Topper doll.