Sunday, April 1, 2012

more faucets, Jo-Ann's pottery

I got thinking about the faucet and while it's fine as is for a bathroom faucet, it's not quite right for a kitchen faucet.

My original thought was to add a metal earring back to it:
but that's too big and heavy for a kitchen faucet. Would work well as a shower head though. (And, of course, they're always good as salt and pepper shakers.)

So then I thought of the plastic earring backs that I use as Christmas tree decorations.

I couldn't find an unpainted one in my stash so had to use a red one to demonstrate (but that's okay as it shows up better anyway - or so I tell myself).

The other day I mentioned Jo-Ann Shaw's wonderful miniature pottery and the fact that members of her club in Nova Scotia met a lady in Holland at the Arnhem Show who had just bought some of Jo-Ann's pottery. I'm pleased to announce that Jo-Ann now has a website for her miniatures! In addition to her pottery, Jo-Ann also makes leather saddles in 1:12 scale. Lovely lady and great, detailed work!

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