Friday, February 17, 2012

Trash to Treasure Challenge - the fun begins....

On our Canada Minis Yahoo Group, Barb K. of ON has issued her second T2T Challenge:

This project is meant for FUN! It is a chance to do something with things you'd find around the house. The deadline is St Patrick's Day. It would be fun to use that as your theme but it is not necessary as there are NO RULES other than using the items listed below. 
First you need to find a box or container to house your project. Then the fun begins with a Scavenger Hunt. Find the following 25 items and lay them out on a cookie sheet or tray. This will help you devise a project plan. You must use a minimum of 20 of the following 25 items (or all 25 if you choose) and list which 5 you omitted. As well - you may add any one item of your own choosing from your stash.

You may use any tools, glue or paint to complete this project. You may also use your computer. (Hint - printies are allowed as long as you stick to the items on this list).

This project can be in any scale. Your creativity is most important - not exact scale.

You must use part of each item on the list - you don't have to use the entire amount but if there is a number - use part of each.

Here is the list - now start searching... And remember to have fun. ENJOY!

1. 4 feathers
2. 10 Beads
3. 3 cotton balls
4. 10" sq wrapping paper
5. Eraser
6. 5 stir sticks
7. small box (no side longer than 3")
8. 2 stickers
9. 1 full sheet of cardstock (any colour)
10. 4 bottle caps (any size)
11. Greeting card
12. 6" Foam sheet
13. 6" Felt square
14. 6 Toothpicks
15. 2 sheets of Paper (8.5 x 11)
16. 4 Q Tips
17. 3 Thumb Tacks or Push Pins (any type)
18. 6" length of ribbon
19. 2 Toothpaste caps (or any toiletry lid)
20. Small mirror (under 2")
21. TeaBag
22. 6" Sq Green fabric (any print or solid)
23. 2 Paper Clips
24. 6 Straight Pins
25. A Napkin
This is a lot of fun. Even if you don't belong to Canada Minis, you may want to play along!

I'll try to post ideas every day on how some of the items might be used...and as soon as the scrapbooking vignette is finished, I'll start working on my entry.

You can see pictures of my entries in the 2010 Challenge on my Fotki site.

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  1. Nice miniatures blog! This project looks fun! Come visit my minis blog and say hi sometime. I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer