Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still doing fiddly bits...

Well, last night's book wasn't that engrossing so I worked on some more pieces for the scrapbooking vignette.

First I made this laptop computer from Jim Collins' website. As usual, I glued a nickel inside to give it some weight. I can see from the picture that I need to touch up some edges with black marker.

Then I decided to make a pegboard/bulletin board for above the table. The pegboard will be from matboard and the cork is from Lee Valley. (It's only 1/16" thick.)

I went to and chose a dot square graph paper with 8 dots to the inch (12 would have been scale but looked just to small).

I cut a small piece of the graph paper and taped it to the matboard
then used a pushpin to make the holes. (Believe me, that's a LOT of holes VBG!)
 All set to frame...

How time flies when you're searching the internet! I found some shape templates and a square that I sized and printed on a transparency. Also, some Cricut mats, scrapbooking scissors and cutting mat and a box of calligraphy pens.

Fellow MEE members Janeen called and Barb e-mailed to give me the measurements for a Fiskars border punch so I sized a picture of one and printed out a bunch of the pictures. I'm going to try a paper tole effect to make one in mini.

 Here I have started by gluing together three pictures of the base.
 Then I added another three layers of the centre piece and two layers of the handle.  Oops! I should have coloured the edges of each layer before I glued everything together. It still turned out sort of okay colouring them afterwards. The final result is below the bulletin board in the next picture.

I had a major panic moment when I realized that I didn't have enough of the trim to finish the border around the pegboard/bulletin board. Liz of Grandpa's Dollhouse is trying to find me more as I also need it for the Christmas shop. I was on the phone to my sister when I found that little 1" piece on the couch so if I'm VERY careful with my mitering, I may just barely have enough....I hope...

I've only cut out one pair of the scrapbooking scissors so far. They're a pain to cut but with the edges coloured, they should look okay hanging from the pegboard.

Wanted to have a Cricut in the scene but didn't quite feel up to miniaturizing the actual machine (considered it LOL but not for long) so I hope to have the box sitting on a shelf. So I just spoke with DS Shirley and asked her to take some pictures of her Cricut box for me....and she will so should be able to get one more thing done.


  1. This is a wonderful project..can you tell me about the dotted graph paper what one did you chose and how to set it looks confusing or can you send the pdf file to me that you used??

  2. Hi Chris,
    I just added a new post that I hope will explain how to make the graph paper - and some other ways to use that site. If you have further questions, just holler.