Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slow progress but progress nonetheless...

Lots of cutting again today - but wood and matboard rather than paper!

Got the baseboards, wainscoting and crown molding in. Someone along the way suggested that crown molding is easier to work with if you turn the box upside down and I think that it is.

I made a little box out of matboard for the stickers. Fortunately I had a yellow marker that matched the matboard quite well so I could colour the cut white edges to match.

And here it is with the stickers in place. (As Joanne said today about filling the drawers of the desk in her gentleman's study, "All to go into the drawers of my gentleman’s desk – and no one will ever see inside!"

The table will have a set of drawers on the right and shelving on the left. When I measured the ready-made chest of drawers I had planned to use, I discovered that one side was taller than the other! (This was because the base piece was thicker on one side than the other and there would be no easy fix.)  So I decided to build a new chest but use the existing drawers. So all my bits and pieces are stained and ready to assemble.

The yellow table top is cut from matboard. (This is the second one - I tried varnishing the first one with a matte finish and it was a disaster!)

Well, the two pieces of trim that I had hoped would be long enough to finish framing the right hand side of the cork/peg board weren't. :-)  But I found a piece of 1/8" x 1/8" strip wood that I managed to cut a rabbet then mitre and glue in place.

As a club, we had made the table and paper organizer from mishellyszoo a few years ago. I thought about taking this one out of my Costco dollhouse but decided to leave it there and make another one. Only this time I think I'll make one with horizontal rather than vertical sections so the paper lays flat. But I think that'll wait until tomorrow after I get the table completed and installed.

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