Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrapbooking vignette printer

Once I decided not to go with the luxury 11" x 17" Canon printer, my mission was to duplicate my own Canon PIXMA iP3500.

When I'm duplicating something, I try to take pictures straight on from all angles. Sometimes, those can be sized down and worked with to make a printie - like I did with the Cricut box.

That wasn't going to work with this. I needed to look at the printer itself and break it down into a few components.

I took the measurements of the printer, converted them to miniature with the help of Peter Tucker's scale conversion chart,  'drew' then on the computer, printed that out then traced and cut it out on 1/4" balsa wood. Made two on balsa and two on matboard.

From the base of the printer up: a matboard piece, a balsa piece with a cutout, another balsa piece with a slanted cut out for a paper feed and a top matboard piece:

All inner pieces 'painted' with black marker

The four pieces stacked: top matboard, paperfeed balsa, bottom layer balsa, bottom matboard:

I sanded the wood and matboard edges then painted the ends silver with my Pilot pen to match the Canon iP3500

All the other exposed edges coloured black

There's a back piece on the printer that the cord comes out of so I cut that piece out then on one end dug out a portion where I could glue in the piece of black elastic from a a price tag for the electrical cord.

Then that piece was glued to the back of the printer.

Printed out some blank sheets of paper and one photo in miniature.

Put them in the printer.

Still wasn't right so I gave all the black surfaces a coat of clear nail polish. It's still missing the Canon logo but I'm afraid I'll louse it up if I try to add it so this will have to do.

In place in the vignette.