Monday, February 20, 2012

Scrapbooking vignette printer

When she was scrapbooking, Leanne had talked about 11” x 17” printers so I knew that was what I wanted for this vignette. My personal printer (not 11” x 17”) is a Canon so that was my brand choice. So I Googled and on the Canon site I found pictures and measurements of the Canon PIXMA iX7000.

Physical Dimensions  25.5"(L) x 20.4"(W) x 10.2"(H)

Wow! This thing is BIG!

So I cut a template of the printer out of some foam to see how it would fit on the table. (Didn't follow my own advice about rubbing both the foam and blade with a fabric softener sheet before cutting so now I'm covered with tiny bits of foam. LOL)

And it's almost half again as high! It's the dream printer but just takes up too much space that I want for other things.

So I cut another piece of foam the size of my own printer and spatially it's MUCH better...and while I don't particularly mind working from photos and a set of measurements, it's always easier to work with the real thing as a model. On the other hand, it's generally more work because there are details that you can fudge when working from pictures that you feel guilty about fudging when working from the real thing.


  1. waht about Jim's printables..I have used his printer.

    1. Thanks Chris. I've used his printer in the past too but I have my mind made up to do the Canon - and I can be stubborn as all get out when I make up my mind to copy something.