Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrapbooking Paper Organizer

The original plan was to make something similar to this to hold the scrapbooking paper but I'd like the wallpaper to lay flat. And I don't like that this one takes up so much space on the table.

So I'll make something that will fit in this position but with horizontal dividers.

I'm making this from matboard. It's dark green on the outside. I've used a paper punch to clip out semi-circles along the front of the shelves to make it easier to remove the paper.

I've used Lego to hold the divider in place while the glue dries.

BIG OOPS! This is not good!

So I took the right side off, respaced the shelves and glued the side back on, then I glued a back on the entire piece.

Cut a small piece of matboard to fit across the top and glued it in place.

This gives me a box on top to store small supplies.

Took a green pen and coloured some of the outside edges. (The colour matches much better in person than it does in the picture.)

I added a special Charles Schulze picture and four packs of Jolee's Boutique scrapbooking embellishments to the bulletin board. (I found the Jolee's pictures on the internet, sized and printed them, then covered them with clear packing tape and cut them out.

I put two strips of carpet tape across the back of the board,
 and peeled off the protective covering.

I used a piece of 1/4" thick foam to use as a guide when putting the bulletin board in place.

I taped the table in place, taped the paper organizer in place then put the scrapbooking paper on the shelves.

Here I've added a Chrynsbon chair.

Tomorrow I hope to add a printer then finish dressing the top of the table.

For now I have to get the MEE newsletter done and e-mailed before Tuesday night's meeting.


  1. Hi Maureen....this is a very nice project and in the meantime it is also a tutorial. Good for you. Grace

    1. Thanks Grace. I feel badly sometimes that I get rushing to do something and don't put as much detail in the blog as I could but I hope that even when it's not a detailed tutorial that it will give you a starting point or ideas how you can do it on your own...and I always welcome requests to expand on how or why I did something.
      Hugs, Maureen

  2. I love the paper organizer Maureen. I used to have one just like that in my real office. The bulletin board is also great and I can't wait to see the finished project.

    1. Thanks Doreen. I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project myself.
      Hugs, Maureen

  3. This is really coming along great very nice!