Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scrapbooking items

Sometimes I forget how fiddly it is to print out and cut all the little pieces for a project. This stuff took most of the afternoon. 

Top row: pack of origami paper from Jim Collins; scrapbooking stencils from the intern and rulers from Jim Collins (all printed on a transparency); photo box bottoms done on the computer; scrapbooking magazine from mishellyszoo

Bottom row: scrapbooking paper, scrapbooking packs and scrapbooking sticker sheets all from mishellyszoo.

The scrapbooking paper:

I covered the strips of stickers with packaging tape then cut out most of them and sorted them into categories.

Then on the computer I made category dividers for the stickers and cut them apart

The dividers and stickers. Now I have to make a box for them.

The scrapbooking magazine

The pack of origami paper

I put together the photo boxes. The RL box they were patterned on had measurements that were not easily/quickly until I remembered Peter Tucker's scale conversion chart. (The chart for a Mac can be found here.) Just plugged the RL measurements in and up popped the 1:12 measurement. Thank you very much, Peter. I designed the boxes in a table on the computer.

Then I made tops to fit.

I put the names I wanted for the boxes on a label, cut them to size, then bordered them with my gold Pilot pen.

My original plan for the vignette was to make a simple table then I decided I needed some shelving, etc., and thought that unless I put shelving on both sides of the table, it wouldn't be balanced.

Then I remembered this little chest from a dollar store. When I measured it, it was just a bit to tall to put it under a table so I popped it in the microwave for 60 seconds and pried the top off. Now it's short enough to fit under the middle of a wall to wall table against the back wall of the room. And I'll build some shelves at either end under the table.

Very Important Note: If you're going to use the microwave to take apart wooden furniture, do NOT leave it unattended in the microwave. It gets hot and you can see on the second shelf where it has scorched.

Have a few more printies and some small pieces I might try to work on tonight but, on the other hand, may just read for awhile. VBG

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