Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living Room

The games were made by my friend Elaine who also made the set of Diana Gabaldon books on the right in the third picture.

The books on the left are made by Lee Ann Borgia.

 Eventually more things will go in the corner cabinet but not in a rush. Snow White is for my daughter, the stein and the candlesticks on the fireplace were bought at an online garage sale. Beside the stein is a copy of "Little Women" by Elizabeth Blake. Then the games by Elaine with the books on the bottom shelf.

This picture of our grandchildren was taken on Holly's first day of school with Jonah being the wonderful big brother that he is. One of my favourites so I miniaturized it for above the fireplace.

The clock belonged to a dear family friend whose widow gave it to me.

I love casters on furniture - both in RL and miniature.

There's a copy of Miniature Collector on the coffee table and more in the magazine rack. The coffee table was made by Shelley Acker of Nova Scotia and is one of several of her tables in my collection.

The Inuit prints on the back wall are copies of the ones in our living room.

That's it for today. Now I have to collect the tools I need for tonight's picnic table workshop.

Tomorrow I have to put things away and prepare for working on a Christmas vignette with my friend Barb on Thursday.

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  1. Dear Maureen.....I just love that picture of your grandchildren and you have the perfect place for them. Again great work. Grace