Friday, February 17, 2012

Graph paper website

Chris asked about the website/program that I used to make the graph paper that I used to make the pegboard.

To make the graph with dots, click on Squares, on the new page, click on Dots. That will bring up the PDF generator where you can choose document size, minimum border and dot weight (I just leave those at the default settings). (At the top of the page, you can also choose inches or centimeters.) Then for your grid setting, you can choose the number of dots per inch. For a peg board, it should be 12 but I think that’s just too hard to work with so I used 8 and was pleased with that. You can also choose one of seven colours for the dots. Once that’s done, click on Download PDF and you’re done.

Working from the home page again, you can also click on Triangles and Hexagons which will bring up some great options for making tile floors printed on photo paper.

There are so many options on the site, it’s fun (when you have some time) to just sit and try out various versions and options.

Hope this helps.

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