Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bombay bedroom

I wised up and tested this lamp before installing it. The bulb wasn't working so I tried to replace it....then discovered (as many of you probably already knew) that the shade also screws off - and then replacing the bulb is very easy!

The bedside table with, lamp, clock radio (from a grab bag bought at the Dallas show about ten years ago), a bead Kleenex box and one of the J. D. Robb books.

I searched for hours for a doll jewellery holder that I bought from Janice Crawley (IGMA Fellow) in Kelowna two years ago. Finally found it along with these two beautiful ginger jars by Janice and the jewellery box by Judy Mitchell (where it should have been) with the lady's bedroom that's one of my UFOs. Thought about putting the jewellery box on top of the lingerie chest but think I'll save it for the lady's bedroom.

This is my bulletin board with bedroom items.

Here's the vanity with the jewellery doll, two perfume bottles I made today, cotton ball container, powder and cold cream jars, and a can of hair spray from my stash. And some money made from Jim Collin's printmini site.

This is my clothing bulletin board.

Tomorrow I hope to fill the wardrobe and lingerie chest and put the furniture in place in the bedroom.

Then dress the bed and another room will be finished.

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