Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bombay bedroom - almost finished

Got the bedding made and on the bed last night. The sheets are a white on white striped fabric and the blanket is a lovely piece of velveteen.

I have these pillows in my stash and will use them temporarily. As you can see, the fabric of the pillows themselves shows through this fabric so I know it would show through the fabric used for the sheets. I may make pillow cases from the velveteen but my sewing machine is broken and I don't really want to sew it by hand. So that's still on the to-do list.

The picture frame was a gift and holds the last picture taken of Vern. The bouquet was a swap from a woman in New Zealand years ago and the vase is from a huge collection of brass that my Mom got at a garage sale (for an average cost of about 2 1/2 cents a piece!!) about 10 years ago.

I had hoped to put these two sweaters in this chest of drawers. The tan one wouldn't fit but the white one did.

The tan one is by Linda MacTier from Montreal (won it in the Canada Minis Pass it on Challenge) and the white one with the ladybug is by Linda Austin from Spruce Grove.

I received this lingerie as part of a swap for a collection of old hankies my sister Marie had given me.

The tray is by Judy Mitchell and the mirror is Reutter.

This parka and toque are Jolee's scrapbooking dimensional stickers and are in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe.

The carpet bag is from a Cheryl Kerfoot kit. The aluminum suitcase is probably one of the first minis I ever bought - and it wasn't until this morning that I realized that it opens! It would make a great briefcase.

 I had hoped to hang some clothes in the wardrobe portion but it's only about 1" deep so couldn't really find anything that fit in it. Top shelf has a pair of silver high heels and a silver handbag that I think was originally a charm. The shoebox and shoes were from Ann in England and the handbag was a tote bag favour. The white runners came with a Fashion Dog from Dollarama and the loafers are metal minis.

The gown was made by Karen Jones of Edmonton. The handbag was made from two buttons and a bit of lace by Sunni, I think. The gold lame gloves were from a grab bag at the Dallas show.

I think I should re-upholster the vanity stool in the red velveteen.

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