Sunday, February 5, 2012

Belara Beach sale, Bombay bedroom

First of all, Belara Beach is having their $1 and $2 sale. Great items at really great prices. Wonderful for those 'little' things that complete a scene! Great service too!

After I replaced the table lamp in the Bombay bedroom, I found another smaller one that I think is better size-wise.

So now I will replace the lamp again.

This Federal furniture is built from the House of Miniatures Signature series. I bought the kits on e-bay from Pat Morrison (seller id: taffy 671). They were 'painted' with black permanent marker and given two coats of gloss varnish. 

The screen and waste basket are printed on cardstock. Unfortunately, I don't recall where I found them - made them years ago.

I bought the vanity, stool and chaise longue locally. They originally had a wood finish. I sanded them lightly then spray-painted them black.

This is the tentative furniture placement in the bedroom.

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  1. wow! your painting and detailing is exquisite!