Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bathroom scale

In an ideal world, I wouldn't need a bathroom scale but......

First, I Googled and found images of two scales that I liked, copied them into a Word document and sized them.
scale image
scrap of l/8" thick basswood
28 gauge brass wire (I got mine at Canadian Tire in the hunting section)
white glue (I use Weldbond but you can use Tacky
white paint
clear nail polish
emery board
knife or scalpel
wire cutters

I cut a 1" x 1" piece of basswood

I chose the red scale image, cut it out, glued  it to the wood, cut around the image and smoothed the edges of the wood with the emery board.

I found a pen with an end that was the same diameter as the scale dial, wrapped the wire around it

Then cut the wire where it crossed and glued it around the dial of the scale.

I then painted the wood white. When the paint dried, I coated the top of the scale with clear nail polish and filled the section within the brass ring with a couple coats of clear nail polish.

Tip: When you're using nail polish to coat a printie, (1) make sure the ink on your printie has completely dried (overnight is good), and (2) don't brush the nail polish on but let it flow onto the printie.

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  1. nice job I made one a looong time ago and I like your idea too!